Chicken Pancreas Powder Lyophilized

Chicken pancreas is collected from slaughter facilities within the contiguous 48 states. The animals receive ante-mortem inspection and are found free of contagious diseases. The pancreas is ground into powder and then lyophilized. The ground chicken pancreas powder is packed in container with vacuum before storage.
Off white colored dry powder
2 – 8 ºC
IHC, Drug Development, R&D

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Product Overview
Product Overview
Application: IHC, Drug Development, R&D
Shipping Conditions: Dry ice
Tissue Type: Pancreas
Species: Chicken
Application Notes: Useful for a variety of immunoassays, demonstration and research applications.
Expiration: Product quality is guaranteed to meet Pel-Freez Biologicals’ specifications for 1 year from the date of receipt by the customer as long as the product is stored in accordance with the indicated storage conditions
Testing: No analytical testing.
Packaging: Poly bag in paper carton
Product Types: Organs
Product Applications
  • Coagulation IVD Development
  • Basic and Discovery Research
  • Cell Culture
  • Demonstration & Training
  • In Vitro Toxicology
  • Ophthalmology