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At Pel-Freez, we are committed to doing what’s right for your science and your assays, whether you work in vaccines, in vitro diagnostics, biopharma, or academia.

Combining reliably high-quality human biologicals, animal biologicals, and customization services with fast, responsive customer support, you’ll experience this commitment every day and with every interaction.

  • Highly Standardized Process
  • Flexible Customization
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Ethical and Humane Animal Practices

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We offer high-quality human biologicals, animal biologicals and antibodies that can be customized to meet your needs.

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Customer Testimonials

“For over a decade Pel-Freez Biologicals has been a consistent supplier of high-quality reagents and an excellent partner.”

Director, Pfizer Vaccine Research & Development

“Pel-Freez is our first choice as a supplier for biological matrices and complement. Their product quality and consistency of product lot to lot enables us to develop premier bacterial assays in support of the worlds’ premier vaccine biopharmaceutical companies with confidence.”

Julien St-Jean, Principal Scientist R&D, Nexelis

“Pel-Freez's IgG/IgM depleted human complement has been crucial for complement-dependent bactericidal assays in my lab. The material is of the highest quality, with minimal lot-to-lot variation. This reagent has saved us considerable time and expense. Pel-Freez’s human complement will be invaluable for any lab or company developing vaccines that rely on complement activation for efficacy.”

Dr. Sanjay Ram, Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Pel-Freez celebrates 110 years of service to the community

Why Pel-Freez?

Because we strive to do what’s right.

A lot has changed in the past one-hundred years—the way we communicate, the we way travel, the scientific questions we ask and the tools we use to get answers. However, one thing that has not changed has been Pel-Freez’s commitment to doing what’s right. From optimizing and standardizing manufacturing processes so that our products perform consistently in your assays to responding to your questions quickly and effectively, we focus on doing what’s right for you, our customer. But more than that, we focus on doing what’s right for the animals, ensuring that that each animal is treated ethically and humanely, and that almost nothing of the animal is wasted.

Pel-Freez has been a successful business for over one-hundred years, manufacturing animal biologicals, human biologicals, and antibodies. We look forward to serving the life science community for another hundred years and more.