Don’t Waste Your Valuable Sera Samples!

Does your company or lab work with human sera samples? Are you a vaccine developer and have finally obtained those rare patient samples for your assay?

Our antibody-depleted human serum can help you extend the volume of your precious sera sample today.

In this piece, we’re going to discuss what our antibody depleted human serum can be used for. Let’s dive in.

Pel-Freez Biologicals Antibody Depleted Human Serum

Pel-Freez Biologicals has scaled up our proprietary manufacturing process, and now the world’s largest vaccine companies and CROS use our antibody depleted human serum as a diluent matrix for high titer human serum samples for:

  • Quality control samples for use as internal positive controls for in assay acceptance of data and to also be used to follow long-term assay performance.
  • Proficiency panel members to be used to evaluate long-term assay performance over time
  • Critical reagent qualification panel to qualify bacterial banks and complement lots as well as to qualify replacement lots of complement and new bacterial banks to ensure assay consistency.
  • Non-critical assay components to compare new assay media components when replacement is necessary.

Our antibody depleted human serum is also used to make antibody-negative serum samples in order to statistically determine the number of false positives associated with an assay.

Pel Freez Biologicals Depleted Human Serum and Plasma.

Regardless of the requirement for complement activity, all human sera, with or without antibody depletion, are off-the-clot and collected using methods that maintain optimal complement activity.

Antibody Depleted Human Serum (ADHS) Uses

Useful for clinical bio-functional assays as:

  • IgG/IgM Negative Immunoglobulin Control Sera
  • Suitable as a Diluent in: Dilutional Linearity Studies
  • Making Quality Control Serum Samples for Assay Acceptance Training
  • Proficiency Serum Panels for Assay Qualification and
  • Monitoring Long-Term Assay Performance
  • Serum Panel Dilutions for Qualifying Critical Reagents

As an esteemed supplier of high-quality biological products for research in the United States, Pel-Freez Biologicals is committed to providing its clients with a broad portfolio of sustainable reagents for immunoassay development.

You can buy animal serum, plasma, complement, and ancillary products directly from our website. We offer gamma globulins found in plasma function, human gamma globulin, goat gamma globulin, IgG/IgM/antibody depleted complement, adult rabbit complement, and more.

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