Animal Tissues & Extracts

Save time and ensure the reproducibility of your studies with a wide range of consistently-produced animal tissue extracts and whole animal tissues for research use.

Well known for our rabbit products, which are raised in our own facilities and farms in the United States, we also have a network of carefully selected local partners that provide the raw materials for all of our products. We ensure the quality of all tissue and tissue extracts through highly standardized procedures, from the timing and temperature control of collection to final processing and packaging in our ISO 9001-certified facility.

Animal Tissues & Extracts Product Categories

If you don’t see what you need, whether it’s a specific species, age range, initial extraction, or treatment, just contact us—we can customize our offering to meet your project’s unique needs.

Acetone Powders

Isolate actin and other macromolecules from rabbit brain, muscle, and thymus, and bovine lung acetone powders.

Tissue Extracts

Find critical components for your studies including rabbit brain cephalin, recombinant rabbit tissue factor (rRTF), and more.

250g Glass jar of Rabbit Brain Acetone Powder

Whole Organs, Glands & Tissues

Conduct essential studies on model tissue systems and isolate macromolecules from organs, glands & tissues from a range of species.


Keep your research moving with dependable purified immunoglobulins from Pel-Freez.


Coagulation IVD Development

With unparalleled access to rabbits raised in our own farms in the United States, Pel-Freez is a reliable source for the high-quality rabbit brain acetone powder, rabbit brain cephalin, and recombinant rabbit tissue factor (rRTF) that are essential for the development and manufacturing of coagulation diagnostics.

Safeguard your supply chains with Pel-Freez as a critical supplier for your coagulation diagnostic development and manufacturing needs.

Cell Culture

Whether you need components for standard media or are building a proprietary recipe for your project’s unique needs, Pel-Freez can provide reliable animal tissue extracts at the scales you need to support your cell growth needs.

While we regularly carry tissue extracts from a large number of species, we can often source what you need even if you don’t see it on our product list. Just contact us to learn more.

In Vitro Toxicology

Fuel your in vitro toxicity studies with high quality animal tissues, glands, and whole organs from a range of animal species.

If you don’t see the species or tissue you need, contact us. We work with a large network of dependable suppliers and can customize a collection for your project.

Basic and Discovery Research

Basic and discovery research often relies on tissues and extracts as a source for macromolecules and for studies like immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF).

With highly standardized collection and processing, Pel-Freez delivers consistently high-quality tissues and extracts for any basic or discovery research need.

Our experienced staff is happy to work with you on a custom project if you have specific collection and processing needs.

Demonstration & Training

With all of our raw materials sourced from either our own facilities or trusted local suppliers, we can ensure your demonstration or training lab always has the materials you need on hand.


Well known as a supplier of rabbit tissue for biological studies since the 1950s, Pel-Freez enables a range of ophthalmological studies with rabbit whole eye, cornea, iris ciliary body, lens, sclera, vitreous humor, and aqueous humor.

Our tissues are available from both mature and young animals, and are ideal for studies like drug delivery across the corneal membrane and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tissues collected from a USDA-inspected abattoir?

Yes, our rabbit tissues are collected from our Rogers, AR rabbit processing facility, where a USDA inspector remains on site at all times during processing. Each rabbit processed is inspected and any by-products collected are discarded should any animal be found to be unfit for human consumption or otherwise unsuitable for use.

What is the difference between item 41110 and 41170 rabbit brain acetone powders?

Each of these rabbit brain acetone powders begins with a frozen rabbit brain as the raw material prior to acetone drying and powder production. Code 41170 includes barium sulfate during processing while code 41110 does not. Barium sulfate acts to bind clotting factors which may speed coagulation, thus code 41170 has increased sensitivity to clotting deficiencies.

Do you offer products collected from diseased humans or animals?

Not at this time. Please contact us if you are interested in a particular product as we work with a network of suppliers and may be able to find a solution for you.