Baby Rabbit Complement: The Gold Standard for Functional Antibody Assays

Baby rabbit complement has long been the World Health Organization’s recommended standard complement option for functional antibody assays to evaluate vaccine efficacy. Pel-Freez Biologicals has been a leading source of 3-4 week rabbit complement for decades. It continues to provide products of consistent quality for some of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world, as well as for upstream applications at the research and development level in cytotoxicity and cell depletion assays. Pel-Freez Biologicals features large lots, consistent processing, and extensive QC testing.

Understanding Baby Rabbit Complement Use

3-4 week rabbit complement has been successfully utilized in OPAs to evaluate vaccine efficacy for:

In addition, 3-4 week rabbit complement has been successfully utilized to investigate the importance of sialylation of gonococcal lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in resistance to killing by phagocytes, stopping epithelial cell invasion, and preventing the bactericidal action of immune serum and complement in the OPA research setting.

A researcher handling cell culture flask.

The Benefits of Baby Rabbit Complement

Baby rabbit complement from 3-4 week rabbits has long been recognized as the complement source of choice to be employed for use to measure the protective immune response in human vaccine studies to evaluate Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine efficacy.

The biofunctional assay used to measure the serum antibody response is called the opsonophagocytic assay (OPA).

One major advantage of using BRC is the ability to produce large pools (10 liters) of BRC which can be made that can be used to test many separate clinical studies over a large period of time using the same complement lot, thus avoiding the need to qualify numerous small BRC lots.

Regulatory agencies have accepted serum OPA titer data as the basis to approve S. pneumoniae vaccines for human use.

Following ISO 9001:2008 Pel-Free Biologicals’ 3-4 week rabbit complement is manufactured according to established protocols and undergoes quality control testing to ensure consistent product quality. The product is assayed for hemolytic titer and tested to ensure low levels, or the absence of, endotoxin, mycoplasma, and viral contamination. All sterile-filtered products undergo sterility testing according to U.S. Pharmacopeia guidelines. All products must meet or exceed minimum standards prior to sale.

We are a Leading Manufacturer of Baby Rabbit Complement

As a reputable manufacturer of high-quality biological products for research in the United States, our team at Pel-Freez Biologicals is committed to providing its clients with the solutions they need for a rapidly advancing field of research. We hold an Animal Welfare Certification, as well as an ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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