Antibody Depleted Human Complement: We’ve Scaled Up Our Process!

For decades Pel-Freez has been the largest US producer of rabbit blood fractions and rabbit complement. Our baby rabbit complement is used globally in serum bactericidal assays (SBA) and opsonophagocytic assays (OPA) with great success. However, our customers began expressing frustration that there was no reliable supplier when human complement when required for these assays.

We found that many of our customers were wasting valuable time and resources preparing their human complement in-house, and in 2017 we decided to develop our own platform for producing antibody depleted human complement and sera for customers. Fast forward to 2020, and we have scaled up our proprietary platform and now supply antibody depleted complement and sera to many of the world’s largest vaccine customers and CROS, who have had great success with our products.

Antibody Depleted Human Complement (ADHC)

Human complement source depleted of problematic pre-existing IgG and IgM antibodies for use in:

  • Serum Bactericidal Assay
  • Opsonophagocytic Assay
  • C5b-9-Mediated Viral Lysis

Antibody Depleted Human Serum (ADHS)

Useful for clinical bio-functional assays as:

  • IgG/IgM Negative Immunoglobulin Control Sera
  • Suitable as a Diluent in Dilutional Linearity Studies
  • Making Quality Control Serum Samples for Assay Acceptance Training
  • Proficiency Serum Panels for Assay Qualification and
  • Monitoring Long-Term Assay Performance
  • Serum Panel Dilutions for Qualifying Critical Reagents

Retained Bio-Functionality

Graphs depicting complement activity and concentration.

Serum is acquired from healthy donors in an FDA licensed facility who have completed informed consent prior to donation. Each donor and/or unit has been tested using FDA licensed test kits according to FDA guidelines and found to be negative for all required viral markers.

Antibody Depletion Advantage

Antibody Depletion = Low Non-Specific Strain Killing

A visual depiction of native human serum undergoing the removal of IgG and IgM to produce depleted human serum.

99.5% IgG Removal

99% IgM Removal

Graphs showing the concentrations of IgG and IgM in feed serum vs. depleted serum.

  • Improved Lot-to-Lot Consistency
  • Reduced Screening Time
  • Milliliter to Liter + Quantities Available

Regardless of the requirement for complement activity, all human sera, with or without antibody depletion, are off-the-clot and collected using methods that maintain optimal complement activity.

NEW IN 2020

Larger lot sizes for antibody depleted serum products:

  • Serum: 3 to 5 L per Lot
  • Complement: 1 to 2.5 L per Lot

As a reputable manufacturer of high-quality biological products for research in the United States, our team at Pel-Freez Biologicals is committed to providing its clients with the solutions they need for a rapidly advancing field of research. We hold an Animal Welfare Certification, as well as an ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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