Custom Services

With over 70 years in biological reagent manufacturing, our products have enabled scientists to discover many new therapies to improve human and animal health worldwide. At Pel-Freez Biologicals, we emphasize customer support and quality products.

Whether you need a custom formulation, or have a need for a specific bioprocessing operation but don’t yet have the equipment to perform it, let us help by performing the operation for you using our equipment and processes.

See our extensive list of capabilities below and reach out to our sales or technical support team to learn more about how we can help you with your next discovery.

All Services


In-house lyophilization services for liquids and powders. From small batch to 250 L per batch.


Sterile and non-sterile filling up to 220 L with multiple options for heat-inactivation, delipidization, etc.

Custom Tissue Extractions and Procurement

Extensive history supplying custom animal tissues for academic and clinical research, drug development, and more. Whole blood, serum and plasma collected on-site. Custom protocols available upon request. Acetone and ethanol-based extracts produced on-site in explosion proof, vented laboratory.

Blood Fractionation

Experts in protein purification from blood including gamma globulins and albumins using a variety of protein fractionation methods.

Process Scale Chromatography

Now with the capability for large scale removal unwanted proteins or purification of target proteins from blood and other matrices to meet your specific assay requirements.

Our Facilities

  • 40,000 square feet of ISO 9001-certified manufacturing space.
  • Largest rabbit abattoir in the U.S. with full-time USDA inspection on-site.
  • 40 acres of company-operated farms.
  • Full suite of in-house quality control capabilities including: HPLC, SPE. IEP, SDS-PAGE, spectrophotometry, endotoxin (LAL) and coagulation testing.
  • Close relationship with the University of Arkansas - our nearby, flagship research campus providing additional access to significant technical facilities and expertise.
  • 110 full-time employees and growing including 5 Ph.D.-level scientists.

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