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Rabbit Serum Sterile Non-Hemolyzed Delipidized Young

Whole blood is collected from young healthy New Zealand White or Californian rabbits, 8 - 12 weeks old, either sex and is refrigerated within 6 hours of collection, processed within 24 hours and frozen at or below -20°C. The serum is then thawed in a cool water-bath, delipidized using a standard in-house protocol, filtered through a 0.22 um filter, bottled, and refrozen at or below -20°C.
Frozen liquid
-10°C or below
In Vitro Diagnostics, Cell Culture, Non-Clinical & Preclinical Studies

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Product Overview
Product Overview
Application: In Vitro Diagnostics, Cell Culture, Non-Clinical & Preclinical Studies
Storage Conditions: -10°C or below
Shipping Conditions: Dry ice
Species: Rabbit
Application Notes: Reportedly useful in immunohistochemistry assays and western blot; as diluent, blocking agent, cell culture/ growth supplement and source of serum proteins.
Guarantee: Product quality is guaranteed to meet Pel-Freez Biologicals’ specifications for 1 year from the date of receipt by the customer as long as the product is stored in accordance with the indicated storage conditions
Testing: Hemolysis: ≤ 20 mg/dL Total Protein: 5.0- 7.0 g/dL pH: 7.0- 8.5 Sterility: Passed, no growth at 14 days
Product Attributes: Serum, Sterile
Packaging: Poly bottle
Donor Sex: Mixed
Product Types: Serum
Product Applications
  • Immunoassays
  • cell culture
  • protein purification