Human Blood Products

Whether you’re using human blood products for research or for assays supporting development and manufacturing, consistency and quality are critical.

With Pel-Freez you can rely on the consistency and quality of the human blood products we offer, because of the care we take with the preparation. From tightly controlled and standardized processes to our ISO 9001 certified quality systems, our operations and expertise are focused on delivering products you can count on.

Human Blood Product Categories

Pel-Freez specializes in customization. If you don’t see what you need please contact us—we can customize existing products, perform additional processing or analyses, and even custom source a product to keep your project moving forward.

Antibody Depleted
Human Complement

Save time and ensure reliable results with consistently produced human complement —bulk amounts available.


Keep your research moving with dependable purified immunoglobulins from Pel-Freez.

Small bottle of lyophilized human Immunoglobulin G

Antibody Depleted
Human Serum

Dilute samples and run critical assays with confidence when using our reliably produced, antibody depleted human serum.

Human Serum
& Plasma

Advance your studies with single-donor and pooled fully-consented human blood products for research use.

Bottle of human blood products, AB human serum


Vaccine Development

Well known and widely used in the vaccine industry, Pel-Freez enables a range of safety and efficacy assays including:

  • Complement-dependent cytotoxicity assays (CDC)
  • Opsonophagocytic killing assays (OPKA)
  • Serum bactericidal assays (SBA)

With the ability to deliver bulk scales of consistently-performing human complement >97% depleted of background killing antibodies through our proprietary process, we can spare your teams the hassle of preparing your own complement, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Assay Development & Validation

In addition to advancing vaccine development, Pel-Freez’s human blood products for research can support development and validation of a range of assays.

You’ll find serum and plasma from healthy donors—available as pooled or individual donor samples—for fueling the development and validation of assays that analyze human blood.

And with ready-to-use complement, antibody depleted serum, and immunoglobulins, you’ve got reliable components for vaccine safety and efficacy assays and more.

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs)

Our human blood products can also support development of IVDs that test for or rely on plasma, serum, or immune components.

All serum and plasma is ethically obtained, fully consented and collected under IRB approved protocols, and ready for use in your IVD development program.

All human blood products start with the same ethically collected serum and plasma and are further processed in our facility using tightly controlled and highly standardized workflows. As a result, you can be confident that the consistency, quality, and reliability of our materials can be counted on to advance your IVD program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pel-Freez Biologicals' antibody depleted complement made?

We have developed a proprietary process for antibody removal based on affinity chromatography. Our method results in low residual antibody (<3% vs. feed serum) while maintaining high complement potency.

What's the difference between Pel-Freez Biologicals' antibody depleted human complement (ADHC) and antibody depleted human serum (ADHS)?

ADHC retains high complement potency for use in assays requiring functional complement activity. ADHS is devoid of complement activity due to heat-inactivation and thus can be used in applications requiring serum components other than complement, e.g. a negative matrix for dilution, preparation of QC samples, or cell culture applications where a nutrient source is need but complement function could inhibit cell growth.

Should I use human, rabbit or guinea pig complement for my application?

The WHO has accepted rabbit complement for use in a variety of vaccine efficacy tests and in most cases is a suitable alternative to human complement. Now that Pel-Freez has developed a large scale commercial of source antibody depleted human complement however, we encourage new and existing vaccine development programs to evaluate this product for suitability in their assay systems. Guinea pig complement is also a viable option for highly potent complement function.