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ADHS Product Information Sheet

Antibody-depleted human serum (ADHS) can be used to prepare human serum test panels with titers that uniformly span the entire assay reporting range from the lower limit of detection to the upper limit of detection.

Our ADHS is a preparation of pooled, pathogen-free normal human serum that has been systematically treated to remove lgG and lgM antibodies. Following antibody depletion, the pooled serum is returned to its original concentra­tion via diafiltration then sterile filtered. Over 96% of lgG and lgM are removed by our process while the remaining ADHS retains all critical serum proteins for your bioassays.

  • Qualification panels that uniformly span the assay reporting range from the lower to the upper limits of quantitation (LLOQ/ULOQ).
  • Creation of large volumes of quality control sera (QCS) that can be used for extended clinical testing timelines.
  • Creation of proficiency panels to measure long-term assay performance.
  • Preparation of samples for dilutional linearity testing.

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