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Pel-Freez Biologicals puts over 50 years of experience to work for you!  We believe each and every customer deserves our total commitment to providing cost-effective, high quality products.

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Founded in 1911, Pel-Freez is America's oldest and largest producer of domestic rabbit. Rabbit meat is high in protein and B vitamins, yet low in calories, cholesterol, fat and sodium. There are no preservatives or additives in Pel-Freez Rabbit Meat.

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Our History

The history of Pel-Freez began humbly in Englewood California in 1911.  A pregnant rabbit named Betsy Ann was given to the son of Herman Pelphrey, a local resident.  The rabbits born to Betsy Ann grew, bred, and eventually the back yard of the Pelphrey’s home was overrun with rabbits.  In time, Herman would turn the dilemma into an opportunity. 

He first sold fresh rabbit meat to his neighbors. When the demand proved to be sustainable, he set his goals higher.  By 1918 he was marketing the meat to the public under the name of the “H.F. Pelphrey Company.”  Operations continued unchanged until 1936 when the firm began to explore the production and marketing of frozen rabbit meat.  Delayed by the advent of World War II, the marketing of frozen rabbit meat didn’t become a reality until 1947 when the “Pel-Freez” name was developed to emphasize the “frozen” meat.  Around that time, Robert Dubbell married into the Pelphrey family.  Robert would play a pivotal role in establishing Pel-Freez operations in Rogers, Arkansas, as well as entering other markets for rabbit by-products. 

The business remains with the Dubbell family to this day with Robert’s son, David Dubbell, being the current owner.  Pel-Freez is currently the largest rabbit meat processor in the United States and is also well known for producing high quality research raw materials.  These high quality raw materials from a broad range of animal species are used globally in the development of in-vitro diagnostic kits, drug discovery, vaccines, HLA typing, and more in the biotechnology research and diagnostic markets. Pel-Freez Arkansas, LLC continues to strive to produce high quality products, while providing excellent customer service.

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